Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Program

Did you know that both men and women of all ages can suffer from pelvic dysfunction?   Well it’s true, and most people don’t want to talk about it, but getting help can be life changing.

Fit for Life’s Physical Therapy’s pelvic floor dysfunction program is designed to treat a wide variety of concerns and diagnoses, including the following:  bladder control, urinary urgency and frequency issues, nigh time frequency, pain with urination, urinary leakage, muscle dysfunction after prostate surgery, rehab for pre and post gynecological related surgeries, bowel control, constipation, pelvic pain, and pain during or after sex.

This therapy always takes place in a private treatment room.  We start with an evaluation, a comprehensive discussion about your symptoms, and your medical history.  Based on our findings, an individualized program will be tailored to fit your needs.   Dietary awareness and behavioral strategies will also be discussed.  We will teach you core exercise training, functional training to help you reduce leakage and pain, and you will be given a home maintenance exercise program.  The program will progress based on your response to the treatment.

This type of physical therapy is also referred to as pelvic floor physical therapy, bladder training, bladder program, or pelvic floor rehab.   If you suspect you have a problem or if you know you do and haven’t had it diagnosed yet, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if pelvic floor rehab is right for you.

Don’t put it off any longer, if you suspect there is a problem…there probably is.  The goal of our program is to educate and promote a better understanding of your condition, to address the issues, and to ultimately improve the quality of your life.