Scheduling, Authorizations and Benefit Verifications

To schedule your first appointment you can call the numbers below. Follow-up visits are best scheduled with the front desk of the clinic in which you are treated. (You can find the numbers for our clinics on our main page.)

For Gainesville 3919 W Newberry Road
Tel: (352) 373-7984 Call us
Fax: (352) 224-1974

For All Other Clinics
Tel: (352) 376-7505 Call us
Fax: (352) 224-1971

Fit for Life Physical Therapy makes every effort to verify your physical/occupational therapy benefits before your first appointment. It is our goal to help you understand your financial responsibility before your treatment begins. Please be aware that the benefits we verify will be provided to us by your insurance company and are not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company. Payments we receive for the services provided to you, may at times be processed differently by your insurance company than the benefits provided to us by your insurance company.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits that were provided to us by your insurance company, please call your insurance company directly at the number that is listed on your insurance card.

Accounts Receivable (All Clinics)

For questions regarding your billing statement call our A/R department

Tel: (352) 373-7413 Call us
Fax: (352) 224-1974

Mailing Address (All Clinics, All Departments)

P.O. Box 357279, Gainesville FL 32635-7279

Student Internships, PT Clinical's, PT rotations and Student Volunteers

Fit for Life Physical Therapy offers undergraduate internships, student volunteer opportunities, clinical internships and clinical rotations.

For undergraduate internships, clinical internships and rotations contact Rob Middaugh.

Tel: (352) 373-7984 Call us

For undergraduate student volunteer opportunities contact Roberta Vaes

Tel: (352) 373-6565 Call us