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I am a patient of Char Frazier at Fit for Life. Not only is she an excellent and intuitive Physical Therapists she is also a talented teacher. Once every month or so she teaches a course called “The Back Class”. It should be required attendance for all of us with both good backs and not so good. I learned how the back works and more importantly, how to keep the back healthy in an entertaining and practical class. I am convinced this class has given me the tools to prevent re-injury of my back and if I had taken it earlier I would not have herniated a disk.


Many thanks to Char and Fit for Life

Bob Cohen

Gainesville Florida

Dear Friends,




I had a terrible accident and I badly hurt my hip, ankle and knees.

I visited FIT for LIFE with no hopes. Well a MIRACLE happened – Because of the dedication, perseverance and patience of the staff at FIT for LIFE, now I feel I am born again.

The people at FIT for LIFE including Dr. Char Frazer,  Char, Cindy, Kristi, Rob, Ellen, Stephanie, Angela, Brandon, Tommy, Melissa, Krissaley, Ubreka are AWESOME! They have enormous patience and take all the time to make sure you recover and become healthy in the shortest time possible.

This is the BEST of the BEST physical therapy Institute in the world. I strongly recommend this Institute.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day!


With best wishes,

B. Shah

Dear Roberta, Lambert, Char, and David,

I want to thank each one of you, and your staff very much for all of their help, kindness and even friendship to me. Attention to help patients improve and be free of pain is outstanding. I can attest!

Sherry and Abbie are the first to greet each patient. They both are very pleasant, efficient and friendly, and that set a welcoming tone to my PT appointments every time. Their smiles heal as well.

James was my Physical Therapist. He is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and my shoulder is greatly improved - he helped me a lot! I will miss him very much as well - he is a grand person. I believe he will always be a success because of his attention and care…and takes seriously his “calling”.

Many others also helped in my progress…Marie, Jake, Alan, and Dave. I never felt like a number “passing through their day”. Many times I heard other patients says it was the best Physical Therapy they’d ever had. For over 30 yrs. I’ve been in Physical Therapy, and, I totally concur, the best!

I will recommend your company - - SIMED Fit for Life - - to others


Shirley Underwood