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At Fit For Life Physical Therapy we are dedicated to our profession and seek to provide the highest quality rehabilitation available.

Patients receive prompt, and expert attention at our convenient locations. We are in constant communication with members of the

medical community to ensure our services and treatments are the best choice for the patients.

•  ADL Training

•  Anodyne

•  Aquatic Therapy

•  Body Mechanics Training

•  Iontophoresis

•  Gait Assessment and Training

•  Therapeutic Exercise

•  Cervical / Lumbar Traction

•  Custom Splinting (Forearm/Hand)

•  Manual Therapy

   a) Myofascial Release

   b) Soft Tissue Mobilization

   c) Joint Mobilization

•  Gym Therapy "Step-down Program"

•  Postural Reeducation

•  Soft Tissue Mobilization

•  Orthotic Assessment

•  Electrical Stimulation

•  Ultrasound

•  Neuromuscular Reeducation

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